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Building Memories and Friendships to Last a Lifetime

Posted on September 17, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

Woof & Poof is so fortunate to have loyal, devoted collectors.  We would like to share the story of one of our fans and her journey with Woof & Poof through the years.

In Nancy's words:


Fall is my favorite time of the year and fall starts in August for me. I am so excited to pull out my fall Woof & Poof, I take a day off work to put them out. I have been collecting Woof & Poofs for 30 years, long before the year button and when they sold Christmas pottery pieces, I love them all!  In southern CA, it can be difficult to find a retailer who sells W&P but I was so fortunate to meet a local retailer, Allow Me, who had every piece W&P had to offer, I felt like I died and when to heaven! I have never seen so many wonderful pieces. Well, to say the least, the owner of Allow Me, Andi and I have become wonderful friends and the foundation of the friendship was W&P. I found someone who is passionate about the line as I am.  I am not sure how many pieces I have, hundreds....I am not sure I want to know. I started collecting Christmas then moved to fall, Halloween, Easter, Americana and now the new summer collection. My favorite baby gift to give is the baby W&P, so soft and beautiful.  My daughter is moving to college and I already have her fall, Halloween and Christmas pieces picked out and ready to ship. Not only do I love W&P, all the gals I work with are now collectors - they are hard to resist. Thank you W&P for  the beautiful creations. 


Thank you Nancy for being a devoted Woof & Poof fan. Your photos below show that you showcase Woof & Poof so beautifully in your home, you are truly appreciated!




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Woof & Poof and Discovery Arts

Posted on August 28, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)



Woof & Poof is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with non-profit organization, Discovery Arts.  Discovery Arts brings the healing power of the arts to children with cancer, serious blood disorders and life threatening illness, while they are in the hospital receiving treatment. The focus is simply bringing joy to critically ill children through the wonder of art.  Born and raised in Chico, CA, Woof & Poof’s very own Louis T. Lion has been adopted by Discovery Arts as a symbol of courage and an ambassador of heart for many children fighting for their lives.  


These extremely sick children only wish to be normal and anything we can do to make their day a little nicer is time well spent. Discovery Arts serves over 3,500 of these wonderful children and their families each year. This program is offered free of charge to the hospitals, patients and their families. This program is made possible through support from corporations and private foundations, a committed circle of private donors, art supply manufacturers and an enthusiastic corps of volunteers.  


For more information on this wonderful campaign, go to: .  You can join this cause and send a Louis T. Lion to a sick child, by clicking on this link: .


The entire Woof & Poof team and our Louis T. Lion are truly humbled to a small part of this noble effort, dedicated to bringing comfort and a smile to these precious children.  





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The Signature Woof & Poof Button

Posted on August 22, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)


In 1999, Woof & Poof started a trend that has made our wonderfully handcrafted items even more collectable.  The button on the “bum” of our Santa’s, Angels, Scarecrows, etc, tells you that it’s not only an authentic Woof & Poof piece, but also the year it was made.  Prior to 1999, items received the signature button; however, the year was not introduced until 1999.  Occasionally, we produce items that do not receive a button (i.e. one of a kind piece or small item) and early Woof & Poof (the really rare and vintage kind) were made without the button as well.  If you have a piece in your collection that does not have a button, and you would like to know if it’s authentic, please email us with a photo and we’d be happy to help!  Don’t forget, next time your out shopping to check for the button on the “bum” and maybe even add a few retired or vintage pieces to your collection!


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