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The Signature Woof & Poof Button

Posted on August 22, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)


In 1999, Woof & Poof started a trend that has made our wonderfully handcrafted items even more collectable.  The button on the “bum” of our Santa’s, Angels, Scarecrows, etc, tells you that it’s not only an authentic Woof & Poof piece, but also the year it was made.  Prior to 1999, items received the signature button; however, the year was not introduced until 1999.  Occasionally, we produce items that do not receive a button (i.e. one of a kind piece or small item) and early Woof & Poof (the really rare and vintage kind) were made without the button as well.  If you have a piece in your collection that does not have a button, and you would like to know if it’s authentic, please email us with a photo and we’d be happy to help!  Don’t forget, next time your out shopping to check for the button on the “bum” and maybe even add a few retired or vintage pieces to your collection!


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