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About Us

 Woof & Poof is very proud to celebrate 40 years of making whimsy. All of our wonderful products are carefully hand-crafted at our factory in Chico, California. You may note our entirely new website that will provide your gateway to purchasing many of our retired pieces. As you explore our rebuilt website, we hope you will enjoy discovering some wonderful vintage products from past years. Our website will only offer retired pieces from previous years. To purchase current Woof & Poof products, please click on “Where To Buy” to find your nearest retailer.  Woof & Poof continues to find innovation and new media to expand the Woof & Poof world. Check out our blog for more about Woof & Poof. We work diligently to bring vibrant new designs and stunning fabrics, while paying homage to the love and artistry upon which Woof & Poof was founded.

The tradition of high quality products and attention to detail will always be a priority, as will the commitment to USA made products, crafted by the same dedicated team in Northern California. Collectors of our noteworthy pieces will be pleased to know 2015 will be filled with the distinctive look, feel and commitment to extraordinary hand-made products you've come to love and expect from Woof & Poof. We're confident you're going to love what you see.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to Woof & Poof and your support of American-Made crafts!

- The Woof & Poof Team

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